Hello I haven't posted here for a while so I'm current active on twitter and discord so yeah
by goom / May 6, 2023 12:51 PM
So.. the first day of school wasn't very bad + a new project
Checked out one of my own periods and I had computer science and game design with the same teacher and I guess this is a year I might start doing school stuff and so on. Nothing much but at the start of the first day of school I had candy.

Anyways, I might probably do a new project that I might start doing which is an old project I had revived which is called Potallery. I showed my concept to my friends group chat about it since one of my other friends told me I should make an art gallery website on my birthday or something because of all of the stuff I made from drawing tablet. Here is the preview of the new site in it's unfinished state.

potallery preview

Remember, if you want to see the image in full screen, click on the image above.
by goom / August 30, 2022 5:26 PM
Another day later is a school day.
From what I remembered, August 30, 2022 will be the day I go to my high school after the end of summer break and probably the new day I might post more blog posts and get onto my to-do list (since I have one now as my Windows 7 sticky note gadget from my main computer) to not get my ADHD acting up while working on the gallery stuff and maybe the right panel of the website.
by goom / August 29, 2022 12:07 PM
My return from 3 months ago
Hello, I am back! I forgot this website was dead but, I might have finally returned for real, and I replaced the login button on the homepage into an about page. And also, here are the updates that I made and updated: So are the bug fixes: Anyways, I might probably do myself a to-do list for real, just so I don't have to get myself complicated in where I could try to complete a thing on this blog. The first thing I might actually do is the gallery thing for my blog site.
by goom / August 15, 2022 12:54 AM
new feature for myself soon?
few days ago, I got an idea about making a concept where I could preview my post while creating it in real-time and so I made one. if i implemented this then it would be easy to spot my mistakes and HTML errors in the blog post (i had to go back into MYSQL to edit it or deleted the blog post for a new one). here is the drawing that I have made for a concept for my add post panel.

"ad post concept 5/17/2022"

more stuff coming soon in this site, stay tuned.... :)
by goom / May 19, 2022 9:04 AM
Whoops! sorry for being dead
I was just working on my own source mod called mr deeman. It's a cool mod I am making and I have been putting more progress into it for my alone time. Currently, I might dropped one of my flash usb's and so probably tmrw, I can try to find it. I still have my backup on my other laptops, so that's okay but the backup was just months or weeks ago. Anyways I might add some more updates to this site, so you can explore more on this.
by goom / May 12, 2022 9:42 PM
thinking about more updates
since I made a few of my blog posts, i'm starting to think about adding more to this like something that can be shown at the left side of the container and the right side of the container. i might be adding some more stuff like the gallery from my previouse website (tramimyato) and probably some backend things for me to add so i can make something easier for me to post or add any files. if this blog turns into a portal site in the future then stuff may look different back then.
by goom / May 8, 2022 11:59 PM
my itching feels relieved today
yesterday, I tried to not scratch it and I guess it kind of did well when I didn't scratch it because if i did, it may get worse. hopefully i don't have to get hives again because i wanted it to go away in about a few days or week or even months?? but i guess ill just do a blog update to see if it's still going or cured but if its still going and not cured then it may take months or if its getting worse then that's awful.
by goom / May 8, 2022 4:24 PM
added 4 icons to my blog posts
today I have added 4 icons to my blog posts so I can show off what's related and what's not related. here are are the icons that I have made and added to the site!

blog posts with these icons will be used or shown later or it depends when im gonna use it for so yeah, a few stuff will be added such as a poll and something that is easier to view the archive more
by goom / May 8, 2022 12:15 AM
sorry for not posting
yesterday, i was about to make a post but for some reason i suffered having itchy skin and some weird raised bumps when i scratched it which it turned out I have hives from out of nowhere. it happened at the end of the school and I don't know how it was caused though, yesterday at lunch while I was eating tortilla and ate the whole thing, I saw 1 small white onion on my pants at lunch and I thought if it's safe to eat it or not but I ate it anyways so I think that's why it caused that.
by goom / May 6, 2022 8:44 AM
bathroom closures
when I rushed into my 3rd period classroom after the bell rang I had to go take a piss and so the teacher lets me to go to the bathroom. However when I got to the men’s bathroom it was closed and so I had to like find another one that isn’t closed and so i went into the hallway to find an open men’s bathroom but then when I came to it, it was closed like the same as the first one and I was in a hurry to go to the men’s bathroom and then the bell rang again in which I just got late. :(

but what I remembered the entrance next to the lunch had the men’s bathroom open and it was far away from the hallway and I had to waste time to get there and come back to class. after that, I felt like i wasted time to find an open bathroom sadly.
by goom / May 4, 2022 1:00 PM
how it feels to stay up at night time
for me at 12 AM, i haven't been sleepy enough yet but when the hours comes by like 2 AM or 4 AM, I get pretty tired and I can't even get up. so i guess you shouldn't stay up more otherwise you would have to suffer some of those sleep problems and other things like not getting up and not having enough energy to wake up. people can sleep very well or they slept so good because of their energy level increasing every hour but if you wake up at school time and you go to sleep at 2 or 3 AM then you can't get up well enough and you would feel like you have to take a poo but you couldn't get up.. so don't sleep at a long very mid night..
by goom / May 4, 2022 12:44 AM
gmod ..!!
anyways today I came across and played gmod and i took minutes or hours of doing something fun in that game and i spawned so many npcs in gm_construct.. yikes. but what is gmod? its a pretty cool sandbox game where you can move things and even spawn NPCs which is very cool and awesome. also here is a picture I did in gmod..

"Mr scientist is Suprised at the man riding the flying Bathtub ... with his pet headcrab ..!! WHAA..??? So xtreme!"

I created this picture in there as I tried to pose these ragdolls and stuuff even the bath tub I tried to do + these ragdolls flying over xtreme explosion and i had fun doing it. also im thinking about making a gmod photography where people can see my gmod photos of me doing something else and I think it would be cool to have that. would you agree?
by goom / May 3, 2022 9:34 AM
the blog has been opened
after a long development of the website (which took a few days later due to my laziness and stuff i had to work on) I have finally released my personal blog to the public on my webserver ( I will be posting more on my personal life, things I am working on and other stuff that I might be updating this blog and features I am going to add in the future like (photos, drawing gallery and more). so yeah, right now ill be posting some blog stuff in here and not the main site. stay tuned for more.
by goom / May 2, 2022 12:15 PM