About ili3kturtl3z
When I first made ili3kturtl3z, it was a made-up site about turtles templated in Google Sites in 3rd grade and I don't really remember why I did that but it was because of the other sites that my elementary school students made. However there weren't any much progress on the first site I did so it pretty much died anyways. This year, I decided I would revive my own google site thing I made as a kid in elementary school so I tried to do everything I could to make it into a blogging site for myself. This version of the site was founded in the first of May 2022. The first version of the site was either made between 2017 or 2018. Nowadays, this site was abandoned but then I decided to pick it up again because of boredom.
Before this version existed, a blogging site I made before this was called Tramimyato. It was limited to only HTML and CSS plus this was hosted on Pebbles which is just a small web hosting website that died with the site I made. Unfortunately, I cannot get all of my files from it because it was using a MYSQL-based database..