Personal blog has been released!
I can now finally post in my personal blog as I don't use this site as other things, well it would still be used for server status and updates for any other things like adding sites or polishing but anyways here is the link if you want to check it out:

goom's ili3kturtl3z blog
A personal site coming soon
There will be a personal site coming soon that I would be making as I don't think I'm gonna like make so many blog posts about myself on a web hosting site that hosts a few of them so the new site I would be making that I can show off and any screenshots I made would be called by my old sites from the year 2018: iliekturtles.

Still this site can be used for making server status updates and any stuff that are added/updated to it. When the site is finished, it would be in a new page called the "Sites" page. Anyways, stay tuned for more updates about the personal site.

A strange server power off
When I was in school, one of my friends who ran the fomoyargato site said that the server took a shit and when I checked out the site, it was a white screen.

I thought my house was burning down but I wasn't able to fix the problem until when I was now out of school, I went upstairs to examine it.

It was just only a power cord which has shut off. There was no house fire accidents which is good but I remained calm after that. It's probably that one of my parents turned it off while they were packing up to go to work. Or maybe I turned it off because I was trying to go to sleep and I didn't know it was used for the webserver itself.

Noncities is back but what happened?
Anyways I decided to turn this site back on except it's just gonna be a normal blog site with other sites like I might call portals since I don't really maintain the old geocities revival (this) anymore. I'm still hosting my subdomains for my friends so if you do want to find any answers or questions on this site

Click here

I will write some more blogs or updates to this site if I have some more time doing all of this in which I have lost some motivation and I got lazy on making other sites. Probably would be photos and stuff coming soon on there.