Any questions to a site holder?
What the hell happened to NonCities?
NonCities used to be a geocities revival but unfortunately, it has not been updated for months and it was completely banished without a trace. This year, it has now been switched to it's web hosting for my friends.
Is there any way to get my things back?
I do have NonCities's site database in which it was stored in my 2nd USB but all of the user's stuff is stored in a mysql row so I don't know how I would get all of the user's site things out of a sql file.
(I would do it manually but I'm lazy.)
How many sites have you created?
I can't tell you but there is a whole dozen of them.
Can I have a site?
I don't know you but if I have a hundred of site users well..
The webserver can't hold much of that.
What webserver are you hosting on?
Take a closer look