A strange server power off
When I was in school, one of my friends who ran the fomoyargato site said that the server took a shit and when I checked out the site, it was a white screen.

I thought my house was burning down but I wasn't able to fix the problem until when I was now out of school, I went upstairs to examine it.

It was just only a power cord which has shut off. There was no house fire accidents which is good but I remained calm after that. It's probably that one of my parents turned it off while they were packing up to go to work. Or maybe I turned it off because I was trying to go to sleep and I didn't know it was used for the webserver itself.

Noncities is back but what happened?
Anyways I decided to turn this site back on except it's just gonna be a normal blog site with other sites like I might call portals since I don't really maintain the old geocities revival (this) anymore. I'm still hosting my subdomains for my friends so if you do want to find any answers or questions on this site

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I will write some more blogs or updates to this site if I have some more time doing all of this in which I have lost some motivation and I got lazy on making other sites. Probably would be photos and stuff coming soon on there.